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Puppy Mills
By Kris Hansen


April 05, 2007
Thursday PM

Ms Cloud, you need to reserve your opinions until you meet the person behind a breed. You have very strong opinions,however, you have my sister, Kara Jeanne, pegged for a backyard breeder and I know better. She cares for these puppies as much as she cares for her breeding pair. I have witnessed this first hand by the attentiveness she gives these pets. When she comes to visit (which does not happen as much as we would like) this "breeder and molester of nature", as you might suggest, is always holding and playing with her pets. Kara is not an owner of a "puppy mill" the dogs she creates from her pets are magnificent. They are happy dogs so much so that the owners of some her dogs...My sister Laurie (she has two)...My Brother Eric... and my sister Laurie's inlaws are all exceptionally happy with their pets the pets are happy as well. The puppies that I have witnessed from Kara's "puppy Mill" have grown into fun loving attentive and great companions. Don't categorize a breeder of puppies as a "puppy mill" there is a person behind the breed. Educate yourself on this subject before you throw daggers at good people.

There is a need to keep uniformity in a breed if you don't you can have dogs that don't have even predictable or desirable behaviors.

There are dogs that have purpose..for guard duty...for hunting...for searching... for ______ fill in the blank. If you have pound puppies that you depend on solely for these duties they are few and in between. They are there but the searching for the proper temperament at the pound is a hard thing to do. Breeding a dog has purpose whether you believe it or not.

Kris Hansen
Kent, WA

Received April 05, 2007 - Published April 05, 2007

About: "Former Ketchikan Resident and Son of "the Great" Dick Hansen--- retired Ketchikan teacher/Vice Principal of Kayhi"



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