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Ketchikan Underground
By Evan Bolling


April 05, 2007
Thursday PM

My name is Evan Bolling and I am an administrator for KU. Many articles and viewpoints featured on SitNews as well as Ketchikan Underground have been a focus of attention in the past few weeks. I am somewhat confused as to the recent protest of Ketchikan Underground (KU).

The question regarding the members maturity has been a topic of debate, as in a recent view point entitled "Maturity?". In said article a small handful of quotes were presented that had been written on the site. I was not entirely impressed with the article, and am still confused about what exactly it was protesting, freedom of speech? Political awareness? Satirical commentary? To quote the creator of the site, "*** came to point out flaws in a website that points out it's own."

I do believe that it is not reasonable or fair to search for problems, if you really want you find them, you will. It's not perfect, the members are not perfect. But I can assure you that I have seen just as many mature and thoughtful articles and viewpoints on Ketchikan Underground that I have seen on this very site. Further, I have seen very crude viewpoints on SitNews, and KU. Ketchikan Underground is not immature, some viewpoints are and it is the same case on SitNews, or any other public domain in existence. I say that the need to attack the maturity of the website, shows a great deal of immaturity.

Again, I ask what is being protested? What is being criticized? Our teens are speaking, they are aware, involved, and up to date on current issues, locally, nationally, and globally. Much of this has to do with this very website that is being traduced left and right. We are the teens of this community, we are taking a stand for our beliefs, and we are attempting to learn and interact with our community, which is much more than I can say for many teens across America. We are the people.

Evan Bolling
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 05, 2007 - Published April 05, 2007

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