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RE: Breeders, Kids..........Volunteering
By Scott Kline


April 04, 2007
Wednesday PM

Ms Cloud, yes you are correct, you can say whatever you want and express your own opnion on any subject you want. (that is the beauty of this country) However, you are stating that a private breeder is contributing to the problem. Do you know that for fact? Have you traced each dog the breeder has produced? Do you know the background of the pair being bred? You may have a lot of knowledge about the puppy mills and how many are being put down but until you have the facts on a private breeder, You shouldn't single them out. I usually don't respond to this kind of blah, blah, blah, but you see, my mother was a private breeder, she bred yorkies and always had a waiting list for her dogs. Like I stated the first time, I have been on both sides of the fence and have been very happy with both. I will buy whatever kind of dog I want.

Now as far as what do I do as volunteering goes. Well, being a veteran I belong to a little organization called the American Legion. you may have heard of them. I have belong to this group for 11 yrs and have loved every minute of it. I have served my post as Vice Commander 2 yrs, Commander for 2 yrs, Executive Committeeman for 3yrs, Southeast District Vice Commander for 1 yr, Southeast District Commander 1 yr, Southeast District Executive Committeeman 3 yrs, and Department Executive Committeeman 2yrs. I currently am the Chairman for the post oratorical committee and also serve as the Chairman for the Southeast District Oratorical Committee. Ya, I know sounds like a lot of titles but just what do we do, Well the oratorical is a high school function where the students prepare a 8-10 minute speech on the constitution, then we give them a seperate topic and they give another 3-5 minute speech. Matter of fact, we have a local student going to Indiana to compete in the nationals. Very talented student who will do well in representing our state. Did the student get there by herself? No, she had some volunteers giving her the opportunity to take part in this competition. I also spend Memorial Day and Veterans Day down at the post cooking breakfast for the local veterans and guest. What else do we do, well we hand out thousands of dollars in scholarships to local students. We donate thousands of dollars for local sports and the arts. Oh, did I mention we are a non- profit with no government aid? Did I mention we have to fund raise all our money so we can turn around and hand it out? Just to toot my own horn, I was awarded the Southeast District and the Department "Post Commander of the year" award. Didn't get that by sitting around and not volunteering. I donate a week of my vacation time each year to attend conventions to ensure that these avenues of revenue are kept open for today's youth to continue their education.

Aside from that, I have also volunteered as a dribbler league coach, a referee for dribblers league, an umpire for junior league baseball games, and have done more fund raising than I care to remember since my daughters are involved in of activities and for the last two years I have been doing it as a single parent. So you see, We all have been a volunteer in one way or another and what we do that for is our choice. That's what is so great about America, We have choices. Whether it be a pound puppy or a purebred, a cat, fish, bird, or whatever , we have choices.

Scott Kline
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 04, 2007 - Published April 04, 2007


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