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New School Superintendent
By Mark Murdock


April 04, 2007
Wednesday PM

I am aware this doesn't fall within my paygrade, but why would we want to spend $15,000+ to some entity to find a new School Superintendent, with whom the School Board could then make a sweet contract, extend same, only to then terminate it, "for convenience"? I don't mean to imply that there should not be a "for convenience" option for them, but if they were tasked with the search, negotiation, and RESPONSIBILITY of finding the replacement, perhaps they would explore all reasonable alternatives before they play the "for convenience" card. Wow! Responsibility sure has a lot of syllables.

Mark Murdock
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 04, 2007 - Published April 04, 2007

About: "10th grade graduate, retired, senile, airline pilot with very little school and no school board experience, but has been around the block a few times."




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