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Dog Breeding Debate
By Laurie Donati


April 04, 2007
Wednesday PM

This post is in response to the dog breeding debate. I have enjoyed reading all of these posts over the last few days, but I am now feeling a bit disgusted at certain characteristics of a certain person who is posting the accusatory messages.

I have two Rat Terriers that came from Kara's loving home. And no, Margaret, I do not only have bred dogs, I have also adopted unwanted animals because I care. I have been very happy with my ratters, as they are very loving dogs and quite like their mother and father; definitely not as you say, Margaret, "completely impossible to predict the characteristics of the pups". I disagree to this statement because my two dogs are just like their parents; they are very loving, they're hunters, and really smart. So it is true that you can predict the characteristics. I have also been around many of Kara's litters of pups and they're all different in their own quirky ways, but ultimately they have the same demeanor.

I also find it interesting, Margaret, that you have been generalizing to this forum that all breeders are rats. I'm disappointed. I would expect more from someone who is truly a dog lover. I understand what you are doing to spread the word about homeless pets, and it is appreciated, but I feel that you're barking up the wrong tree when you're attacking another caring human being. Kara is not only a breeder but she has been known to adopt many animals who do not have homes, in fact I know that she has been doing it since she was a young child; it's in her nature. And for you to attack her, and other loving, caring, pet owners, I am disgusted. Not only as a pet lover myself, but also as a woman who lives in this society.

In response to your saying, "As an individual I can have any opinion I desire. I can believe very strongly that all dog breeding is wrong and state my belief. So please, do not tell me what to think, say, or do." I would like to remind you that everyone in this forum has a right to any opinion that they desire. I know that I can believe very strongly that you are trying to force people to believe what you believe by making the statements that you do. Furthermore, I know that you cannot tell anyone what to think, say, or do, so please respect others as you would want to be respected.

Finally, I want to applaud Scott Kline for speaking up on "Dogs, Kids and Volunteering" I am impressed with your educated response and suggestions. Bravo!

Laurie Donati
Maple Valley, WA

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