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Time to move forward
by Sharon Geldaker


April 2, 2007

I feel I need to add my voice to this community to say that I am, and will continue to be, supportive of the school board's dismissal of Mr Martin as superintendent of our schools. There have been many instances during his time here, where I have been befuddled by his decision-making, and embarrassed by his conduct towards people I know and care about. I do not want his behavior to be a model for my child, and he is not the person I want at the helm of our schools. I was saddened when he was granted an extension of his contract by an outgoing board, as I felt this was a power move and not a representation of public wishes.

I will not support a recall, for that is why we have elections. The current board members were elected by a majority vote, and represent the desire for a change. For the sake of our children and our schools, let us leave negativity and fruitless conflict behind. These only rob us of health and spirit, and time is so short. Now is the time to move forward with positive and collaborative actions.

Sharon Geldaker
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 02, 2007 - Published April 02, 2007

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