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A Total Joke
By Ken Levy


April 2, 2007

In response to Tony Gwynn on what I had to say about our President, one must remember that even though we have a moron in George Walker Bush sitting in the White House ,we still have Freedom of Speech in America. He sure would like to overturn that, but it will never happen.

Why do you say Hillary has no chance at the White House? The last time I looked we have a Republican Palin sitting in the Governor's chair in rough and tumble Alaska.

Anything is possible. And the American people right now are at 73% for ending the slaughter in Iraq. That poll came out this week if you read the news or watch TV.

The right wing of the Republican Party is about to go down the drain. Bush says he will veto any bill that ends the war in Iraq. He should be impeached along with his crooked sidekick Chenney for the lies to the American people and sending our troops to Iraq.

Where is Bin Laden? We live in a very small world. Bush and his crooked administration know where he is. It's all a game of cat and mouse.

And for you to say only the Right Wing Republicans should be allowed to vote, Hitler said the same thing in 1939.

Check your phone and see if Big Brother is listening?

And the soldiers in Iraq are asking the same questions I am.Why the hell are we here? Do you really think for a moment that the Iraq people care about Americans?

Their are many dictators in the world. Bush picked this one for one reason.


And Chenney was CEO of Hallibuton which had sole source contracts for the war in Iraq. It has made him millions.

After Bush vetoes the bill to end the war in Iraq, the 2008 election will be sealed. The democrats will take back the White House in a landslide. And your Right Wing Republican Party will be a foot note..............

Ken Levy
Ketchikan Alaska

Received April 02, 2007 - Published April 02, 2007

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