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Dogs, kids... and volunteering
By Scott Kline


April 1, 2007

Boy look at all the letters on the dog breeding subject. I have been on both sides of the fence on this one and truly have to say that both sides of the fence were a complete enjoyment. I had a full blood chow that was one of the best dogs i have ever owned. She was a true protector of my family and me. She was never on a chain and never strayed more then three houses away. She developed a tumor in her throat that was not possible to remove. (No, she did not get it cause she was from a breeder, I think it was because I worked at the pulp mill for a while) Any how, my second dog was rescued from the groomer's out North, what a dog he was, a great protector of my girls and fun to be around. He would sing (bark) happy birthday to all our friends and relatives when we called them on the phone. What a joy, he is surely missed. Now my third dog is a Wal-mart puppy, she is also a great dog. I would have to say, like my other two dogs , she is part of the family.

Back to the subject of breeding and rescuing. I have heard of the puppy mills and don't really agree with them but until big brother steps in and outlaws them, they are gonna do as they please. But to slam someone (private breeder) for doing what they like to do is totally unacceptable. It's stepping over the line to slam some one until you have proof that she is breeding an unwanted animal. Like I said before, I have been on both sides of the fence and enjoyed all my dogs, purebred or mutt.

One other point, Ms Cloud, in the daily news paper the other day you were quoted as stating that Harry Martin should be fired cause there were some third graders that couldn't read at the third grade level. Is it safe to say that you have more concern for animals in the lower forty eight then the third graders right here in your own backyard? Do you think that instead of saving all the dogs on the planet you could volunteer and teach a kid to read. I just don't understand why you would put the whole blame on Mr. Martin for that one.

Try saving a kid from not knowing how to read, VOLUNTEER.

Scott Kline
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 30, 2007 - Published April 01, 2007




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