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Breeding dogs
By Erin Bellon


April 1, 2007

I agree that we should adopt from shelters and rescue agencies. But what about the disabled people? Sometimes they need a specific type of dog that is suited for there disability. The blind usually receive a Lababor or maybe a German Shepard. My daughter is deaf so she needs a "hearing dog". Well we ended up with Yorkshire Terriers! My dad did a lot of research and found out they make great hearing dogs because they are spunky and small. Well we didn't train them to be hearing dogs so if the smoke alarm ever goes off I think the dogs will hide under the bed or faint!

I do agree that breeders do breed for money as well as making sure that the breed stays pure. I know that I would love to breed my two Yorkies but I could never, ever give away the puppies! I just couldn't do it, so I had them both spayed. I do want more Yorkies but I live in a small apartment and I think two for now is plenty. I have a hard time understanding how people can part with the puppies, there like family!!!

I am a responsible dog owner and that is what counts, I love my dogs, they are spoiled, wonderful, greet me everyday at the door and love me and my family unconditionally (although it seems that they REALLY love me when I have treats!)

I wish everyone was a responsible pet owner but we don't live in a perfect world so this will never be.

If you want a certain breed, by all means get what you want, if not go to the shelters and rescue a dog. Just make sure to give them lots of attention, love and hugs all the time. They love it!

Erin Bellon
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 30, 2007 - Published April 01, 2007




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