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Senators head home; Immigration reform lingers


April 09, 2006

The Senate left the divided halls of Congress Friday for a two-week break and headed home where immigration reform lingers with the divided electorate.

Senators looked poised to bring home a bi-partisan compromise before taking time off - until partisan bickering foiled the measure.

Immigration reform has been a hot issue since the House passed a bill that would make felons of undocumented immigrants and those who help them as well as build a fence on some of the U.S.-Mexico border.

This sparked millions to protest in U.S. streets - protests scheduled to continue Monday with a nationwide outpouring of support for an alternative to the House bill.

That alternative was largely thought to be the one senators compromised on this week. Instead of making immigrants felons, it created a path to citizenship and a guest worker program.

But on Friday the bill was sent back to committee because of a dispute on how many amendments would be allowed to be attached, among other technical squabbling.



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