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Response to integrity & ethical behavior lacking
By Tamela McColley


April 28, 2006

Mr. Van Essen I am unsure who told you the appeal fee was $250.00 but you were not given the correct information. An appeal of any decision made by the Planning Commission/Platting Board can be made in writing within 15 days of the decision to the Borough Clerk with a $200.00 fee on the appropriate form.

The Planning Commission at their April 25, 2006 meeting operated entirely within the law. Both reconsiderations were filed with me within 24 hours of the Planning Commission's decision by a member of the prevailing side which is addressed directly under the Rules and Procedures of the Planning Commission Rule #9. I received the reconsideration notices on April 12th and on April 13th sent out 160+ Property Owner Notifications to surrounding neighbors and agencies. We asked that written comments be made to the Planning Commission for their April 25, 2006 meeting - which they were. At the April 25, 2006 Planning Commission meeting there was a motion on the floor with a second so the request was under Planning Commission consideration and deliberations only. All written notifications were presented in packets to Commissioners that they reeceived days before the meeting and any late arriving property owner notifications were on the table prior to the meeting beginning. The only reason that I am addressing you on Sitnews is I have been unable to reach you by phone and wanted to clarify the appeal fees.

Tamela McColley
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Tamela McColley has served as the Platting and Zoning Secretary Ketchikan Gateway Borough for eleven years.


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