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Bear Valley Pride Despite Zoning Ruling
By Lynne Miller


April 28, 2006

In all my experiences of attending meetings over the years in city council chambers I have NEVER witnessed such a meeting as the one held on April 25, 2006 - never. True, it was my first time specifically attending a ZONING COMMISSION meeting, but truth be told, it was the most surreal civics experience of my life.

Robert's rule were quoted, gavels were employed, votes were taken and everyone at the council table was all smiles, never mind the packed house of disinvited participants shut out from any process of inclusion in this topic, anyone from the "public" other than a singular Bicknell spokesperson. 123 names from a petition on behalf of opposing Bear Valley residents, a packed house of concerned Bear Valley residents in attendance in the chambers that night and the result was an overturning of a previous ruling that will only continue to bolster the ideation that "industrialized" concrete and asphalt operations on one day or all year round is acceptable and appropriate within CLOSE (too close) proximity to this residental neighborhood - a neighborhood that never asked for industrialization/"commercialization" from the zoning commission in the first place. Never.

What was present and not noted at that meeting and not chronicled by Mr. Van Essen in his letter or put upon any other public record was the level of expressed PRIDE and mutual appreciation for each other's neighborly concerns and for each other personally that was present upon those caring Bear Valley residents in attendance at that zoning meeting. All good and well intentioned tax paying persons, many of them having spent as much time researching this asphalt/concrete issue as most of those sitting on the zoning commission itself. Disinvited from public process but stellar in their committment to "try" to stop this overt attack upon their neighborhood and their neighbors. So Bravo Bear Valley Residents for respectfully "trying". I am proud to call you my neighbors and to live amongst you.

Lynne Miller
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Lynne Miller is a 20+ year resident of Southeast Alaska.

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