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Kohring has his allegiances confused
By Peter Bolling


April 25, 2006

What Representative Kohring omits in his cautionary letter to Alaskans is that Alaskans are the collective owners of the raw materials in this state. That is a spark of wisdom for which we have the founders of our statehood compact to thank. Oil and natural gas are two of those raw materials. Alaskans own them, our state government is given the task of managing them, and private enterprise has the opportunity to develop them.

As a representative, Kohring has his allegiances confused. He was not elected to look after the interests of the businesses that choose to take an entrepreneurial risk and develop Alaska's resources; rather he was elected to look after the collective interests of the citizens of this state.

I suggest that he get on the right payroll---that of his constituents.


Peter Bolling
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Peter Bolling is one of the 600,000 plus citizen-owners of this state's resources.

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