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Re: $3.00 a gallon
By Ken Lewis


April 25, 2006

Lee Raymond has a $400 million dollar pension package. Exxon made a profit of $36 billion last year. I will make this promise to anyone, if you can come up with a business plan for me to make 36 billion dollars in a year I will give them a 600 million dollar pension package and a $400 million dollar signing bonus, I will throw in a 12 cylinder Jaguar, providing that they are in fact, in possession of a guest worker permit.

According to my unique calculator that has a Theory Of Relativity and a Mind Over Matter function. Relatively speaking, Lee's retirement package is one 90th of one year's profit margin. A Mom and Pop business would have a difficult time retiring on one 90th of one year's profits. After deducting the Mind over Matter feature on my modern abacus, Exxon does not mind that we do not matter. My calculator tells me that this is capitalism. And Lee may be under paid compared to the profits he helped create. Mathematicians can check my accounting work, because I admit numbers confuse the heck out of me, I may have stuck a zero in the wrong spot.

If the people want to lower the price of this nation's gas price per gallon, the people would have to form a game plan of collusion. Boycotting gas is out of the question for obvious reasons. But boycotting one company for a month could start a good ole fashion price war. Now, a radical use of power to the people collusion to manipulate fuel prices would make us no different than the theory that oil companies conspire.

Unfortunately, an effort by the consumer to price manipulate, might create lay offs in the industry, creating a new unemployment problem. My question would be, if Exxon reduced its profits by 10 times or to 3.6 billion, and they gave their CEO 40 million, what effect would that have at the pump? 10 cents? Big numbers are the problem if they are not in my wallet. I need to stop now; some gentlemen from the Oil Cartel just took my computer.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Ken Lewis is a long time resident of Ketchikan, He writes he "is looking for a buisness partner to make him 36 billion bucks."

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