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71st General Assembly of the Central Council of
Tlingit-Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska
By Dana Ruaro


April 25, 2006

The 71st General Assembly of the Central Council of Tlingit-Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska ended late Saturday afternoon. Congratulations to Ed Thomas on his re-election. He narrowly defeated a challenge from the first woman to ever run for the office - me. (61-54). I was elected as 2nd vice-president of the Executive Council. (There are 6 vice-president positions on the Executive Council). Elections for vice-presidents were as follows:

William Martin (Juneau) 1st Vice President
Dana Ruaro (Juneau) 2nd Vice President
Richard Peterson (Kasaan) 3rd Vice President
Richard George (Angoon) 4th Vice President
Robert Sanderson (Ketchikan) 5th Vice President
Jay Cabaug (Seattle) 6th Vice President

I would like to thank the past executive council for their years of service:

Fred Lauth 1st Vice President of Seattle
Thomas Farquhar 2nd Vice President of Anchorage
Eli Hanlon 3rd Vice President of Yakutat
Millie Stevens 4th Vice President of Craig
Liv Gray 5th Vice President of Hoonah
Michele Metz 6th Vice President of Juneau

I would like to congratulate Mr. Thomas on his re-election. I would also like to commend all the candidates who ran for office. Whether successful or not, it takes a lot of courage to step up and run for office. We had a lot of new candidates this year. The high level of competition has, and will continue to lead to greater effort by our leaders .

I ran on an agenda of change through respect, service, and listening to our tribal members. I look forward to carrying that agenda through my service on the Executive Council. Our Constitution strongly recommends the Executive Council to hold its meetings in our various communities. I want to follow through on that and listen to the delegates and members of those communities.

The Tlingit-Haida Tribe has 26,000 members worldwide, the large percentage of whom live in Southeast Alaska and Anchorage.

Thank you,

Dana Ruaro
Juneau, AK - USA

About: Dana Ruaro writes, "I am Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian, I am originally from Ketchikan now living in Juneau. I am the granddaughter of Mae Irvine- Leask of Kasaan and Ronald Leask of Metlakatla. My mother is Sharon Brooks-Leask from Ketchikan and my father Lloyd Brooks of Portland Oregon."


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