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Aerial Pesticide Spraying
By Mark Schindler


April 24, 2006

Granting the Permit will give consumers two choices. wild salmon with pesticides or farmed salmon. The wild salmon are no longer organic. The EPA has a 600 foot mandatory buffer zone in CA, OR, and WA for aerial pesticide spraying. Alaska has 35 feet.

I now prefer Alaskan salmon for eating. If spraying is not adequately limited I will look elsewhere.

Mark Schindler
Los Angeles, CA - USA

About: Mark Schindler is 83 years old. He partly retired in 1994. Mark Schindler graduated from Reed College in 1945 with a BA in Mathematics, followed by a MA in Physics from USC in 1952. For 40 years, he has been designing power supplies from the watt range up to 50 KW. While working at ITT, Christie Electric, and Skurka Engineering, he earned the title "rocket scientist" by working on space programs from Ranger to the Space Shuttle.

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