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Long Island A Subsistence Area
By Jean Bland


April 24, 2006

Not only Carrie James is angry; everyone is Hydaburg is angry. Long Island is and has been a long time subsistence area.

It is a proven fact that green trees grow in the winter and the alders grow in the spring and summer, and they provide nutrients for the green trees.

If Klukwan is allowed to spray, we invite them and the folks who issue the permit to join us on Long Island while they are spraying, as we WILL be there to protect our subsistence land.

Klukwan folks should remember how hard they fought when they were trying to spray their subsistence land.There is no difference.

We will continue fighting this until someone realizes that we are right.

Jean Bland
Hydaburg, AK - USA

About: Jean Bland was born and raised in Hydaburg. She writes she has "Lived here all my life except the years I was in school. I am a cancer survivor so I know what shemicals can do to a person, and how hard it is to fight it."

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