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Cheap labor; Price of gas
By Robert Glenn


April 19, 2006

If we make all these illegal aliens get American papers, then that means they will then be required to get legal wages and then we won't have the cheap labor anymore.

Which means the cost of fruit, orange juice, lawn service, and corner workers will go up.

If we make them leave the country then Americans will have to do jobs that we don't want to do because we are either too good for the job or because they don't pay enough.

Either way, if they leave, then soon enough gas will not be the only commodity we are paying high prices for.

And on that.... I wanted to bring up a point. The US Government says that we are in a shortage and that is why the prices of gas are up.

However, the price for a barrel of oil (42 gallons in a barrel) is around 70 dollars. What does this really mean?

Let me tell you. When we are in surplus the price of oil goes up because there is less need to drill and pump out of the ground.

When we are in a shortage, more barrels are being pumped and so the price goes down. This is what I learned working in the Gulf of Mexico.

Robert Glenn
New York, NY - USA

About: Rob Glenn was a Ketchikan resident for 3 years.



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