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By Virginia E. Atkinson


April 18, 2006

Have those people (Senators) forgotten that when America was discovered it was immigrants that came from another country? And later on more people were invited to come to America to help populate this country. So, most of our grandparents and great great grandparents are actually immigrants that decided to settle down in America...long ago they were invited to come to our country, today were trying to keep them out. You see what happens when America starts something, sooner or later it gets out of control. Just like...oh never mind.

This subject is becoming a very sensitive topic in the news today, now I have mixed feelings about this issue, because in a way there's a negative and a positive side to this subject. For some have come to America to settle down in a place called, "The Land of Opportunity." An opportunity that offers jobs, education, starting a business, etc, the bad part of it is that some immigrants seem to be taking advantage of this opportunity and abusing it like no different than some Americans. Such as joining street gangs, becoming a national statistic in the world of crime, selling drugs, or taking advantage of programs such as welfare and food stamps. When it comes to programs, low-income families ought to be first in line before 'illegal' immigrants.

The downside of this situation is the "illegal" immigrants are crossing the borders everyday. And granting 'amnesty' to the illegal ones is just as good as swinging the door "wide-open" and inviting more of them to cross the border. (and a-slap-on-the-wrist) No sense in having border patrols if the government grants amnesty to the illegal ones. Sure they are the ones picking fruits and vegetables Americans enjoy eating everyday. But the least they can do is go about it the right way and through the proper channels if they want to become Americans. It can't be that hard to do. They need to make up their mind where they want to live, and not come to America for a temporary job to send money back home, everyone knows that the amount of money they earn in America goes a longer ways in their own country. If they want to live in America then learn to speak ENGLISH, wave the American flag, and be more serious about becoming American...and not be in America just for temporary jobs and money. There's more to being an American than jobs and money.

Virginia E. Atkinson
Metlakatla, AK - USA

About: Longtime resident of Metlakatla.


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