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To All of my Eagle-Eyed Readers
By Bob Ciminel


April 18, 2006

Thank you for correcting what was an obvious typo in my last article. That's why you can never trust a spell-checker. The correct spelling is wringer, not ringer. If that is the only error you found in the article, I feel more better. No, wait, I mean gooder.

Bob Ciminel
Roswell, GA - USA

About: Bob Ciminel writes the column, Fish or Cut Bait.


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Bob Ciminel: What Happened to Quality? - When I was a youngster, my mother used an old Maytag wringer washer to do the family laundry. If you don't remember wringer washers, or have never seen one, here's a picture. And, no, that's not my mother; she was prettier.

These things were a bit dangerous, as I can attest to after having my fingers pinched in the rollers several times before learning not to play with the wringer. However, they did a good job of washing clothes. They would not be safe for today's synthetic fabrics, but they were great for cotton fabrics. - More...
Tuesday AM - April 18, 2006



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