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The Oil in the ground belongs to the people of Alaska, not BP
By Samuel Bergeron


April 17, 2006

When the oil companies are trying to tell you and me that taxes are bad; they're right.

They want us to give them a tax break so they can afford to go after the remaining oil and gas. So, instead of making a trillion dollars off you and me at they ll only make $900,000,000,000.00 over the course of this deal.

When we as owners of the one of the last great known oil and natural gas reserves on planet earth are ready and willing to go along with the collective wisdom of our career legislators, who are led around by millionaire oil lobbyists, you and I will making up their decision to give away billions of future revenue dollars with the sweat off our backs. But you all can rest assure that Frank Murkowski and the rest of the deep thinkers in Juneau will go along with a 25% tax instead of 20% or some other number in between. They will tell you that they have won a great victory by holding out for the best deal. It's all a shell game being played by big oil.

We should be getting no less of the profits from what is produced from Alaskan wells; nothing less. If you think that there won't be companies willing to take less of a profit percentage wise to get at this oil you're wrong and so are our elected leaders in Juneau. The price of oil and its future worth will skyrocket as we have already passed peak production of oil world-wide and the demand for oil keeps increasing. Those who are saying that we will not produce more because of the additional production costs are wrong. The market will bear these additional costs with the rising price of a barrel of oil.

The voters of Alaska, who aren't being strong-armed by the oil lobby on a daily basis, should ratify whatever deal the legislature comes up with. We will not be so easily swayed into more taxes for ourselves and less taxes for big oil. So when you see the next ad the newspaper that says "I'm BP", don't fall for it.

Samuel Bergeron
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Samuel Bergeron is a local business man: General Construction contracting (Bergeron Construction) and majority owner in True North Development Company LLC and is busy raising a family in Ketchikan.



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