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Open Letter to Sen. Stevens
By Mike Jones


April 17, 2006

Your record for supporting amnesty is pathetic.

Your reputation and legacy will suffer as the citizens of this country and our state educate themselves on the sordid history of the pro-amnesty movement. I AM PERSONALLY SENDING YOUR RECORD TO AS MANY NEWS OUTLETS AND ORGINAZATIONS AS I CAN AS YOU READ THIS!! You and other Senators who have earned poor marks at have a chance to drastically improve your grade average by voting against any offer to reward illegal aliens with legal permanent status.

The advocates for open borders and anarchy can dress up amnesty any way they like, but the American public is smarter now than we were in 1986. We will see through the charade.
You took an oath to up-hold the laws of the United States, not to make new laws benefiting large corporations that hire illegal immigrants. These are massive and destabilizing immigration increases, and It is time to do what President Eisenhower did, round up ALL illegals and send them back where they came from.
Right now, it looks like most Senators are more interested in pleasing the illegal aliens marching in the streets than they are in representing regular American workers and citizens.

Be on the right side of American history: vote "no" against all amnesty rewards.

I cannot believe that this issue even has to be discussed, Let Alone Considered! How Can Anybody In Their Right Mind Even Consider Giving Amnesty To An Illegal Immigrant?? They Are Criminals And Felons!!! This attitude from Washington, Immigration, and Customs Enforcement officials is ludicrous to say the least. The last thing we need is to import workers when there are millions of U.S. citizens unemployed and wishing they had one of the jobs available that You want to issue green cards for. It is time to do what President Eisenhower did, round up all illegals and send them back where they came from.


Mike Jones
Skwentna, AK - USA

About: Mike Jones is a resident of Skwentna, Alaska which lies on the south bank of the Skwentna River at its junction with Eight Mile Creek, 70 air miles northwest of Anchorage in the Mat-Su Borough. Skwentna is located in the Anchorage Recording District. The area encompasses 442.8 sq. miles of land and 6.9 sq. miles of water.


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