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Night of High School Music-ians!
By Judith Green


April 17, 2006

What a treat! Sitting in the Kayhi Auditorium to watch and listen to the results of time and effort and discipline on the behalf of (retiring) choir colonel Gerald Hughes and band director Dale Curtis. The students under the tutelage of these two caring individual musicians-teachers are a special lot amongst Kayhi students.

These students will represent Ketchikan School District at the annual SE Music Festival to be held this year in Sitka. I m sure Ketchikan will not be disappointed in this representation.

The symphonic band will for the first time be traveling to this event and they will do an outstanding performance, based on what I heard and saw Tuesday night, April 11. They are a disciplined, well groomed, good sounding group of student-musicians, on their way to being part of yet a larger group (the Wind Ensemble) in the next few years of high school. They followed the direction and intensity of Mr Curtis almost without flaw.

The Kayhi chorus gave a grand performance for their colonel . Mr Gerald Hughes put together a marvelously varied selection of songs, such that all would have heard a piece that appealed to one s individual preference of modality. I could tell he was enjoying this concert, and was pleased with all his students.

The final number, Prayer of the Children, was a selection some of the chorus members requested to perform. It was an outstanding way to end any performance, and most especially their parting tribute to the Kayhi choral director.

Aha and saluto to the jabberwocky . This has been performed through the years in Ketchikan by various aged songsters under the direction of both Mr Hughes and Clarice Stephen. It is always a pleaser and the choreography was enjoyed by, yes both the audience and performers. (And I am sure, the Director as well.)

The acapella parts and electronic keyboard in Saul was one that made me sit up and pay attention I would like to hear this again.

Bravo! to the accompanist of the Concert Choir. Not even a page turner sat beside Sara Corporon, and she never missed a beat!

After 23 years with the Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District, Jerry Hughes is ready to retire to the community-at-large, and will be sharing more of his talents in this new chapter of life.

The Wind Ensemble performed marvelously as well. There was narration as way of introduction to each piece, which helped the audience to be more aware and tuned-in .
According to some of the students, there were some mistakes along the way (as will happen in most performances), but nary a sign was seen from the audience. The performance went on its way and ended all together. The beginnings and endings of each piece were well executed, as each participant was fully aware of the direction and sensitivity being given by Mr Curtis.

I was happy to be sitting once again in the Kayhi auditorium listening to talented students and watching the direction of these 2 caring musical directors.

Ketchikan (city, gateway borough, and school district) has always shown that music plays an important part in our lives. This is evidenced not only by Kayhi students presently performing, but with returning Kayhi students willing to give of their time and talent to the KGBSD, such as with this year s Wind Ensemble. There were 2 returning alumni who were enjoying playing once again on the Kayhi auditorium stage.

One has only to check out all the musical organizations in town that call upon local talent and people just simply interested in music as an outflow of creativity, enjoyment, or to help get rid of the cabin fever days .

Thank you to all of you who participated in the Ketchikan High School Pre-Festival Concert given on Tuesday, April 11, 2006. Not just the performers and directors, but also the stage and lighting crews, the principal and faculty, and the supporting student body.

Judith Green
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Judith Green writes, "I am returning (to retire) to Ketchkan after a long absence. I had to leave to care for my mother. Since she died a year ago, I am now able to return to the State I have considered home since 1964, and to the town that was home for many years. I taught piano and was accompanist for the school district and many town organizations from 1970-90. I want to give back to Ktn and the wonderful people, as 'you' were so good to me and my family during those years. In October 2005 I left Buffalo New York and drove America's byways to California, Oregon, Washington and now Ketchikan."


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