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Legislature in process of limiting personal rights
By Carey Crawford


April 13, 2006
Thursday PM

I do not use marijuana and have no use for any in my life. Yet just because someone expresses an opinion on personal use does not make him or her a user. Now let's not use the Cotting murder as an example to base the effects of marijuana use on human behavior. This individual used smoking weed as a potential defense for murder, attempting to take advantage of what he saw as a generally misinformed public. Regardless of the potency of the marijuana, it is still the same chemical that it has always been. Scientific and medical evidence have shown that this chemical does not produce aggressive behavior but rather a propensity to laugh until you cry, eat cookies and watch spongebob squarepants. Different drugs, especially the legal drug alcohol when mixed with other drugs, will cause negative behaviors with certainly dangerous and deadly effects. However lumping all drugs together as dangerous is not intelligent either.

No drug is safe if abused. Wisely we must decide what we are willing to allow and those decisions should be based upon fact rather than hyper conservative paranoid rhetoric. Methamphetamine is the real issue today and should not be confused with anything else, not weed, nor alcohol. Methamphetamine is a very dangerous drug for both the user and for society and SHOULD be dealt with strictly, separately, with emphasis on sympathy and help for those poor souls so adversely affected by it.

Presently our Legislature is in the process of limiting the personal rights of Alaskans by increasing the penalties for marijuana use as it weasels these limits into an anti methamphetamine bill. These are ignorant actions by a self righteous paranoid group willing to take away any freedoms Alaskans may have in order to perpetuate their own personal political agendas. By not standing up to these maniacs Alaskans are willing to risk their children's futures as we all know they may experiment. If they get caught now they won't get a second chance. Now they will go to jail. Why not just hang em, hey it's what they deserve for smoking, laughing, eating cookies and watching spongebob!

I challenge anyone in the legislature to find an ambulance record where a patient has been transported due to marijuana!!! Ponder that boys as you sip on your brain sucking, liver wasting, esophogeal varases inducing, gastric bleeding, domestic abuse producing, motor vehicle accident fueling, fetal alcohol syndrome making, ice filled glass of LEGAL, Good ol boy, Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey!!

Carey Crawford
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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