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Protect our children
By Carrie James


April 13, 2006
Thursday PM

I applaud the people who came out in force to speak out against child sexual abuse. We also must recognize that not only do heinous crimes such as sexual abuse happen by strangers, and friends, but also by other perpetrators their own age.

Remember to ask your child every day when they come home from school how their day was and be a good listener. We need to protect our most precious resource... our children. Negative experiences such as sexual abuse will surface in adolescent years and we need to protect our children in any and all atmospheres. Sexual abuse can happen in any environment and we need to realize that, do not be too trusting of people, especially in schools. That is why it is so important to ask your child questions.

As advertised in Alaska wide-newspapers children are not always safe in school, there have been complaints and lawsuits regarding child molestation in schools. As a concerned mother, I encourage all parents to ask their child questions and listen. Sometimes parents are the only ones who are willing to protect their children and we need to pay attention to indicators of sexual abuse.. or it could happen to your child.


I welcome all responses

Carrie L. James
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Carrie James is President of Alaska Native Sisterhood Camp #14, currently Alaska Native Sisterhood Grand 2nd Vice President, past KIC Tribal Council member, and past T&H delegate for Ketchikan

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