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By Neil Gray


April 12, 2006
Wednesday PM

Away from politics for a moment (Do I hear cheers in the background?)

A couple of questions some friends of mine are asking about Ketchikan:

1) How deep is Behm Canal?

2) Is the submarine testing site still operational by the Navy?

3) Does my memory serve me correctly that the AMHS did at one time on occasion make special trips around Revilla Island? If so, which ferries?

If someone with these answers could email me, I'd certainly appreciate it.

I get a lot of questions about Ketchikan and Alaska from Southern California people who find out I lived there, and I like to pass along as much correct information as I can. I'm almost a walking billboard for Ketchikan especially.


Neil Gray
Lakeside, CA - USA

About: Neil Gray is a former 20-year resident of Ketchikan.




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