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Port Bonds
By A.M. Johnson


April 12, 2006
Wednesday PM

Sincere congratulations to the successful campaign by the supporting group, Ketchikan for a Positive Economy, it truly was a magnificent well prepared program.

As a borough country cousin, aware of con "Benefits" advocated in consolidation I would really like to console those currently living in the future service area of Ketchikan, who are eagerly working to "Include" me in future decisions, that I didn't lose any sleep over not being able to vote in your bond election. It would appear that 72% of the future service area of Ketchikan enjoyed their sleep as well.

In all sincerity, the bond approval will bode well for the "Community". Thank to all of the participates and their personal resources for a job well done.


Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: A.M. Johnson is a Borough country resident enjoying the "smell" of Spring.

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