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Immigration: Letter to Senator Murkowski
By A. M. Johnson


April 07, 2006

I have written to Senator Stevens and now you [Sen. Murkowski]. I expect both of you to stand firm on immigration. The law for residents of Mexico will not be any different than those for any other country. Any changes to allow amnesty, and that is clearly what your current Senate bill is, have to be made applicable to ANY country's applying residents. You can not allow favorable action to an illegal act. If so, then give amnesty to all current bank robbers, sexual child abusers and such that are living and on the run in America. Where does it stop? How many damn amnesty efforts with Mexico have there been? Many and the results of each? Nothing.

I may not be the brightest turnip to fall off the truck, but even I can reflect on history and project into the future on this one. Politics is about compromise, this I understand. Short term consequences and long term consequences count. You may tick off Mexico and the illegals in the short run by standing firm for current immigration law, longterm is the backfire of concession and a failed solution to this problem.

What is the result if I, an American citizen, enter Mexico illegally? You know the answer. It isn't just Mexico as a single country that is involved, it is the total of Southern hemisphere countries that will flood up and through Mexico. The border question demands a solution first, not amnesty.

You stop the leak in a boat then bail it out, not keep bailing and sinking.


A. M. Johnson
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: A. M. Johnson is a life-long resident of Ketchikan.



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