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The courage to vote NO!
By Robert D. Warner


April 06, 2006

What ever happened to our "free enterprise" economic system? Why can't certain businesses in Ketchikan stand on their own without these donations and grants from taxpayers? Our local governments seems to have an obsession for funneling public funds to private special interests in tourism, shipyards, and lumber mills to name a few. This practice never seems to end.

On rare occasions, when the public has courage and is allowed to say "NO", the same tired issues will all too often reappear a few months later. Is it time to halt this practice of spending our public funds to subsidize private special interests? April 11th might be a good time to say "NO" again!

Robert D. Warner
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Robert D. Warner is a 34 year resident of Ketchikan and a retired UAS faculty member.


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