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Thank you Senators and Representatives
By Frances Natkong


April 06, 2006

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all the Senators and Representatives who voted for SB 218! Thank you for caring.

I applaud you for your efforts to get this bill passed. For the three who didn't vote..... well.... what goes around comes around.

Thank you in advance Gov. Frank Murkowski for signing it into law. It's so true that the victim's get a life sentence while the offenders get off lightly, hopefully this will stop the abuse if the offenders realize they are not going to get away with ruining other lives.

I commend Sen. Con Bunde and Sen. Gretchen Guess for fighting for SB 218 regarding sexual abuse of children and kidnapping. Also, to Terri Haught-Sirbaugh for her letter. I totally agree with Terri, and commend her for coming forward and her mother for getting her out of harms way.

I was like everyone else, if I ignored it maybe it would go away (the sexual abuse of children) until it happened in my family. Now I am a strong advocate of children especially where it comes to their safety and health, namely sexual abuse of minors. I'm sure a lot of people still close their eyes to what happens within families or friends families because it's family or friends that do the abusing.

It is time to stop the abuse! Please everyone write, call or email your senators and representatives, make them hear your voice and the voices of all the children in Alaska and everywhere in the world who are being sexually abused right now! Make your voice count for the children's sakes. Make the abusers accountable for their crime!

Again, thank you, Haw'aa (thank you in Haida language).

Frances Natkong
Hydaburg, AK - USA

About: Life long resident of Hydaburg.

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