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Port Bond. Risk or investment?
By Dennis Pope


April 06, 2006

We all take risks at some point in our lives. Taking advantage of opportunities is what makes us competitive and more likely to succeed.

Risks come in many forms. Buying or starting a business, purchasing a house or car are all risks that are usually taken with the aid of a bank. A business, a home or car is an investment made to better our lives and give us independence. In exchange for that investment we need to work hard and stay focused to reap the rewards, to secure our investment and repay the bank. The port improvement bond is an investment in our community that we can use to secure our livelihood for many years to come.

Ketchikan is at a point where we need to take a long, hard look at our future and keep making investments that will lead us to be more self-supporting. Fishermen have been taking risks in our community since its beginning. The pulp mill was an investment in our community that enabled many families to thrive and prosper for many years. Tourism has been an investment in our community that has enabled us to remain and grow as a community. When an investment such as the pulp mill is taken away it is second nature for some of us to get up, brush ourselves off and continue to try. We are not quitters.

The fees which are collected from cruise ship passengers were intended to be reinvested in the industry which brought them to our community in the first place! If we do not take advantage of improving our port and the number of cruise ship passengers continues to decline, then we as a community will have given up on that investment and on our commitment to keep Ketchikan as a place where we and our children can live and thrive.

Please take part in Ketchikan's future by making your voice heard on April 11th and vote YES to keep our investment and earn the rewards of a more independent and self-supporting economy.

Dennis Pope
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Lifelong concerned resident of Ketchikan and Co-chair of Ketchikan For A Postive Economy!


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