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Child Abuse Laws
By Terri Haught-Sirbaugh


April 04, 2006

I completely agree that the laws all over the United States are flawed for sex offenders. When I was a youth I lived in Ketchikan and was a victim of sexual abuse. I was not taught about sexual abuse in the schools. However when I came out and told what was happening, everyone acted like sex abuse couldn't happen in Ketchikan. I thank God every day that my mother believed me and we left Ketchikan. However everyone treated the offender like he had done nothing wrong. I sure hope that things are not like that still in Ketchikan. I think sexual abuse awareness should be introduced to children at a young age. (Child molesters don't care about age).

I have to admit thought I do miss Ketchikan, it is a beatiful town.

Terri Haught-Sirbaugh
Kingwood, WV - USA

About: Lived in Ketchikan as a child.


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