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Expiration notices
By Chris Elliott


April 04, 2006

Many people didn't receive notice of the expiration of their vehicle registrations this year because the notices weren't sent. The State has confirmed this. Alaska Statutes provide that notices must ("shall") be sent out to vehicle owners. I called the Borough the same day Mr. Cegelske submitted his letter, asking under what circumstances the $50.00 Borough fine could be waived. Apparently, there has to be a death in your family or you must be at death's door yourself at the time you are ticketed in order for the Borough to grant you a waiver. I was calling for a friend yesterday, but I too have gotten a ticket for expired tags. Last September while I was in Juneau visiting friends, Officer Campbell cruised the Borough airport long-term parking lot and was lucky enough to catch me. What a pleasant homecoming surprise that was. Mr. Cegelske is absolutely right. I am responsible for making sure that my vehicle has the required insurance, that it is in proper working order, and that the registration is up to date. My insurance company notifies me when my insurance premium is due. If my left-front headlight is out, another motorist (perhaps a law enforcement type) will let me know. As for my registration tags, I'm on my own. I will be hopping out of my easy chair to check my tags as soon as I get done with this letter. Hoping that the Borough or the KPD or the Troopers might consider issuing a warning is apparently out of the question. It's just like living in the Big City.

Chris Elliott
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Chris Elliott is a 55-year resident of Ketchikan.


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