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Sex Offender Bill
By A.M. Johnson


April 04, 2006

Hummmmmm- So- Wonder why Senator Elton was so pleased to tell us that "They" had increased the "Maximum" for such crimes from 30 years to 40 years. Wonder who "They" are? Perhaps Senator Elton would enlighten us. Wonder why Senator Elton didn't provide the information as Senator Bunde and Guess have regarding SB 218? I hope it isn't a Democratic/Republican thing. If so, then the adage of "We will do anything for our children except change adult schedules" holds true.

I would encourage Senator Elton, if not onboard, get onboard with SB218 as it is presented. Sooner than later.

Tragic that this bill apparently has been struggling through the Senate for a couple of years. One wonders how many sexual child abuses have been accomplished by repeat offenders during this time?

Senators Bunde and Guess have established what Statemanship is about.


A.M. Johnson
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: A.M. Johnson is a life -long resident of Ketchikan who cares about children having a safe and successful childhood.


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