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"Taxes are bad" ads by Big Oil
By Samuel Bergeron


April 03, 2006

If one were to be swayed with the doltish ads produced by the Big Oil lobby, one could conclude that we should give away the remnants of the last big oil reserve in America for nothing.

In their ads, you will notice that there is no discussion of what would be a fair and equitable for all involved. They take out of context what some notable people in history have said about taxes. This, my fellow Sitnews readers, is what is called, governance by sound bites. The ad agencies, along with the millionaire lobbyists, (who out number the legislators in Juneau three to one) representing the billionaire Big Oil companies, want you to believe that the remaining oil and natural gas that you and I own should be had for a pittance. If the leadership of this State could strike a deal that would bring in a fair amount of revenue to all those involved, we as citizens of Alaska could avoid such things as a State income tax, higher property and sales taxes brought on by lower State participation in funding at the local level and diminished funding for education and public safety. If we lull ourselves into believing that it s in our best interest in letting this great recourse go for less that what it is worth, (20-25% of the profits) we'll be sorry.

What is being done here by Big Oil and their lobbyists and advertising firms is an all-out assault on the future revenues of the State. If this occurs, you and I will make up those revenues in the form of a state income tax and higher local taxes across the board. In my view, a fifty percent share in the profits would be equitable considering we own the oil and gas in the ground now and it only get more valuable by the day. Taking a smaller share in the profits on our one and only, non-renewable, cash cow to Big Oil because we fall for "taxes are bad" ads is insane. The policy makers that tell you that the gas pipeline and future development will all go away because we are asking too much are wrong; they are being led astray by the lobbyists who became millionaires from lobbing for Big Oil. Say yes to us getting our fair share, say no the next great give away perpetrated by outside interests.

Samuel Bergeron
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Sam Bergeron is a long-time resident of Ketchikan and business owner.


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