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Support bond with YES vote on April 11
By Mike Dooley


April 02, 2006

I agree with what Mr. Ziegler says.

I also support the bond issue for the renovation of berth 3, and will be voting yes on April 11th. The reason is simple, we are losing our customers, and should be worried about losing more.

Ketchikan has been a popular destination for the cruise ship companies and their passengers. There is no doubt that part of Ketchikan s appeal is the ability for ships to dock shore side. It has become obvious that tendering is not as appealing to the cruise lines companies or their passengers. We are therefore losing ships to ports that can offer dock space when Ketchikan cannot. We have already lost 100,000 passengers for the 2006 season, and we need to stop the bleeding now that the exodus has begun. Prince Rupert would love to take away as many ship landings from Ketchikan as possible.

A no vote on 4-11 only serves to strengthen competing ports, in essence giving them OUR sales tax revenues and port fees on a silver platter. If these other communities are smart they will use the money to improve their port an facilities and attract more landings away from Ketchikan. A yes vote on April 11th will send a message to our customers, both the cruise line companies and passengers, that Ketchikan can and will keep up with our competition and provide a superior service.

Mike Dooley
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Mike Dooley is a "17 year resident of Ketchikan, who proudly works in, and supports, our tourism industry."

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