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Troubled Youth
By Ericka Heard-Rabon


April 02, 2006

I decided to write a persuasive essay on the school calendar for my English class. While I was researching the drop-out rates in other countries and comparing them to American drop-out rates, I came across the letter written by Mrs. Rhonda Ball. I am extremely amazed by her writing. Everything she addressed is correct.

I am senior in high school myself, and I see all of her issues on a daily basis. I also think the biggest problem is that society does accept these things as "okay". Wearing reaveling clothes, smoking, drinking, drugs, sex, and pregnancy is absolutley acceptable.

There was an article in a San Bernardino newspaper stating that we have the highest crime rates and the lowest graduation rates. The article was brought up in our school and many of the students thought this was "cool". A perfect example of what our society is promoting.

I am concerned about what our country is coming to. I wonder where are all the people who want to stop this madness. I was beginning to think that they're are not anymore. Now I see that Mrs. Rhonda Ball is one of the people I have been wondering about. I wanted to take the time to compliment her on her letter, and encourage her to keep writing on these issues. As more people see this, more people will hopefully try to help change society. So again I compliment Mrs.Rhonda Ball on her achievement.

Ericka Heard-Rabon
San Bernardino, CA - USA

About: A concerned high school student.


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