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"Blue Ribbon" Panel to Review CDQ Program
After 13 years, Governor says it's time for a thorough review


April 27, 2005

Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski announced today the appointment of a "Blue Ribbon" Community Development Quota Program Review Panel.

"The CDQ program has been a story of success in bringing investment and dollars into areas in great need of economic activity," said the governor. "But, like anything, the program can be improved. I have charged this panel with doing a comprehensive review of the CDQ program. They will report back to me the program's benefits, but also changes we can make to ensure a strong CDQ program going forward."

The panel will meet to conduct a thorough review of the CDQ program, including its regulations, investments, goals, timeline of allocations and state oversight.

Appointed by the governor to the panel are Ed Rasmuson of the Rasmuson Foundation, Stephanie Madsen of the Pacific Seafood Processors Association, Ron Miller of AIDEA, Tom Case of the University of Alaska Anchorage College of Business and Public Policy and Dennis Metrokin of the Koniag Corporation.

Carl Marrs will serve as the panel's facilitator.

The objective of the CDQ program is to enhance the social and economic development of Western Alaska. The North Pacific Fishery Management Council established the CDQ program in 1992. Each year the council sets a total allowable catch of all species in the Bering Sea. The CDQ program divides a portion of the total allowable catch between six CDQ groups representing 65 communities in the Bering Sea region.

CDQ groups take their percentage of the species quota and either fish it or lease it out to other vessels and companies. Profits are reinvested in the fishing industry and used to help develop fisheries related onshore economic activity.

The governor has asked the panel to report back to him within three months.


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