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Bowl For Kids' Sake Event Raises Approximately $15,000
Money raised benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters Program
by M.C. Kauffman


April 15, 2005

Ketchikan, Alaska - Bowl For Kids' Sake is one of Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) biggest annual community-wide fund raising campaigns. Although this fundraising program has been around for decades, this was only the second year "Bowl For Kids' Sake" was held in Ketchikan.

jpg Nick Paul and Bill Elberson

Little Nick Paul and Big Bill Elberson of Ketchikan received the award of Big and Little of the Year. They were selected across the region out of 480 matches.
Photo courtesy Gretchen Klein

jpg Ravens Team

Ravens Team: Nancy Coggins and littles...
Photo courtesy Gretchen Klein

Associate Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Alaska Amber Richard said, "Bowl For Kids' Sake was great fun and over 150 participants hit the lanes to help Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ketchikan match more kids." Richard said,  "By collecting pledges, bowlers helped spread the word about Big Brothers Big Sisters and raise funds to match more Bigs & Littles in Ketchikan."

Ketchikan BBBS Program Manager Gretchen Klein agreed. She said, " It was a huge success." Klein said there were 26 teams with 4-5 people on a team. She said, "The teams included First Bank, Wells Fargo, many private businesses, KGH, school staff, Bigs and Littles, and just many people who raise money for kids' sake."

Klein said, "We raised approximately $15,000 from the event." She noted that pledge totals do not become official however until May 5th. Klein said the money raised in Ketchikan goes to operating the Big Brothers Big Sisters office in Ketchikan. Klein said, "Together we will reach more local youth by providing them with a Big Brother or Big Sister."

Each participate in this year's Bowl For Kids' Sake event raised $150.00 to be part of the event or close to it said Klein. " This is Big Brothers Big Sisters main fund raiser of the year. It is important to have this local event."

"There was lots of free pizza, homemade cookies from Lauralee Samlot of A&P, soda from Northern Sales, cake, door prizes, and each captain of a team got a gift basket," said Klein.

Little Nick Paul and Big Bill Elberson of Ketchikan received the award of Big and Little of the Year. Klein said Paul and Elberson were selected out of 480 matches regionally for this award. Klein said, "Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ketchikan was truly proud our Big and Little of Ketchikan won!"

Klein said on behalf of BBBS she would like to thank the following people who donated 10-20 hours of their time to make this event in Ketchikan a success: Columbia Dalhaug, Jeremiah Stack Lilah Walker, Tracy Arce, Marc Wheeler, Rob Skinner, Nancy Coggins, Ketchikan Entertainment Staff, Jonika Farlow, Lauralee Samalot, Rebecca Wiedenhoeft, Denise Buker, Joanne and Karl Klein, Bryce Timm, Priscilla Barnett, Courtney Enright, Dara Otness, Amber Richardson, and Samantha Barnes who helped get BBBS ready for the event, put together door prizes baskets, and hung posters around Ketchikan." Klein said, "We are so thankful for your time!"

To the community Klein said, "Thanks again for caring about kids! They are the future of our great nation!"

Ketchikan's second annual Bowl for Kids' Sake was held again this year at the Ketchikan Entertainment Center with McDonalds again serving as the Campaign Sponsor. The event took place on April 10th.

ReMax Teams: Two teams of Remax Bigs and Littles
Photo courtesy Gretchen Klein

Shear Magic was having a lot of fun at Bowl for Kids Sake...
Photo courtesy Gretchen Klein

Team Captains of Session 2
Photo courtesy Gretchen Klein

Team Captains of Session 1
Photo courtesy Gretchen Klein


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