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State Funding of Capitol Design Competition Questioned


April 13, 2005

Juneau, Alaska - Representative Carl Gatto (R-Palmer) called into question the appropriateness of state funding for the recent Juneau capitol design competition.

"State money should not be appropriated for Juneau's design competition. The House already voted to ensure no money from the '05 operating budget would be used for projects relating to a new capitol. This is a serious breach of authority which affects the Legislature as well as the voters in Alaska who have been vocal in their opposition to a new state capitol in Juneau," said Representative Gatto.

He continued, "$94,500 of state money was appropriated, maybe I should say mis-appropriated, from the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities. As the Co-Chair of the House Transportation Committee I intend to see that the Department of Transportation and the Administration speak to this flagrant and inappropriate waste of state money."


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