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School Nutrition and Exercise Bill Comes With A Big Catch


April 07, 2005

Juneau, Alaska - Legislation introduced Wednesday seeks to increase the physical fitness level of Alaska's school age children by requiring schools to create health standards, including dental care, in their respective disciplinary and safety programs. The School Nutrition and Exercise Bill (SB 162) was introduced by Sen. Fred Dyson (R - Eagle River).

Schools will have to report the percentage of overweight students and students at risk of becoming overweight based on Centers for Disease Control standards. Schools must also report the amount of profits from vending machines located on school property.

"Alaska's children rank dead last in physical fitness in the fifty states. That means we have an entire generation of kids facing a host of obesity related illnesses like diabetes and other chronic diseases. It's time to make good health and nutrition a part of educating our children," said Sen. Dyson.

But it comes with a big catch! The legislation is a conditional mandate. Schools only have to meet the reporting requirements if the Alaska Legislature also reports the percentage of obese or nearly obese lawmakers and the profits generated by vending machines in the state Capitol Building.

Sen. Dyson says he wants to have some fun with his colleagues and to raise a serious issue at the same time. "Obviously, my legislation is intended to have a little fun with this issue. However, the poor physical condition of thousands of children is no laughing matter. My intent is to bring attention to the problem and spur school officials and community groups to take charge of their children's health and welfare."


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