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Governor: Pope John Paul II a Man of Unity


April 02, 2005

Juneau, Alaska - Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski said he was saddened to learn of the death of Pope John Paul II today at the age of 84.

Governor Murkowski said, "Pope John Paul II was not just a religious leader, but a world leader. He had a deep and abiding love for people - and encouraged them to live together in harmony and peace. But the Pope was not silent in the face of oppression. He fought for religious freedom and social justice, inspiring a solidarity movement in his native Poland that led to the first crack in the Iron Curtain and the ultimate fall of communism in Eastern Europe."

Murkowski said, "Alaska has a special place in the history of this great man. He visited Anchorage in 1981. Then in May of 1984, he and President Reagan held an historic meeting in Fairbanks - a visit I remember well. The President arrived a few days earlier than the Pope and stayed in my family home."

"Looking back at that event, I am struck by the Pope's humility and his emphasis of the bonds we hold in common - those of friendship, faith, and love. He encouraged us to recognize the wonderful diversity of Alaska and to live in harmony and accord together, said Gov. Murkowski.

Murkowski said, "Pope John Paul II reminded us to fight for the oppressed, be thankful for our religious freedom and seek peace. That is the legacy of this great man."


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