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by LaVaughn Marie Locke


April 16, 2005

I have read the policies of Immigration, its laws and by laws. There is now an act that provides relief for thousands of illegals here in the United States. Now known as the Life Act. For some this is a promise of a new life. While others will find even this cannot provide them with the help they need. Right now their are thousands that are waiting for relief in other ways. They are caught in the loopholes of Immigration. Married to United States Citizens and still not eligible to enter. While some will wait years going thru the legal system filing and refiling Waivers others will never make it. Ones criminal history can destroy any chance for freedom in the United States. They are not murders nor terrorist. They are people that have admitted to small infractions. Many have not been in trouble for years. Yes its true there are Waivers for them. There is the process of filing for one visa waiting for a denial then filing for the next one. The cost alone is staggering. By the time many have filed it reaches into the thousands not counting legal fees.

In America we are taught that once a person has paid for a crime they cannot be made to pay again. Yet isn't that what our Immigration system does? From DUI's to being convicted of any type infraction the law says no to them. Be the charges 6 months old to 5 years old or more you are banned. Then the painful journey of laws and by laws begins.

People make mistakes. People change yet the law does not. Its time that congress, Immigration and all those involved remember that America is the home of the free. Where We are all human and make mistakes. Trying the legal way to enter seems to be a punishment for those that only want to be with loved ones.

I for one will keep reading, learning and fighting for what I believe in. Freedom.

LaVaughn Marie Locke
Old Town, FL - USA



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