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No Disappointment!
by Jerry Cegelske


April 27, 2005

Tuesday I had to check on two properties that needed to be cleaned up.  One guy did a great job and the other tried to do a snow job- in April!
Some of you may have noticed that the furniture tree out north has been picked!  "Thanks" to whoever took it out of the tree and "Thanks" to the Coast Guardsman that took it to the landfill.
"Thanks"  are also due to Nick Farstad and the Dept. of Highways crew that took the trouble to pick up the matresses and other junk left on S. Tongass!  They also picked up two truckloads of trash from the Revilla Road cleanup and are going to pick up two more truckloads and a load of metal.  Great Job!  A big "THANK YOU!" to all those that participated in the cleanup.  Tongass Sanitation collected one load of 7000 pounds of trash, Dig-it Construction hauled 3500 pounds in one load to the landfill, and three other loads not weighed, the Highways Dept., hauling four loads and a load of metal to the mill site, the total weight must have been close to or over 10 tons of trash collected by about 75 people, including two six year old girls!  They all did a great job!

jpg earth friendly

Mile 17 North Tongass - I thought gardners were earth friendly....

Since I was out North, I checked some of the favorite dumping spots,  the water side pull-out at mile 17 or so, and guess what?  Fresh stuff- so fresh the dandelions hadn't wilted in the potting soil bag they were dumped in.  I thought gardners were earth friendly and all that- cat lover also- left the potting soil bags and the cat litter bags for someone to clean up.  When will people grow up?  For some I guess never!  Maybe Momma doesn't know where Jr. is hauling the trash when he goes to pickup his girlfriend!  Just a guess.
For those of you who think trash should be in the landfill, pick up a  "You can make a difference!" bumper sticker and show your support for a cleaner community!

Jerry Cegelske
Code enforcement - Ketchikan Gateway Borough



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