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PIPS Apology - I doubt it!
by Rick Watson


April 25, 2005

Nope, I bet they continue to defend this scam right to the end. That's how it all works for them, continue to convince others that it's a for sure thing. Congratulations to a few lucky local ones whom it seems have gotten in early enough before the inevitable cave-in to receive some return. But at whose expense?

And out of curiosity how does one report that income on their tax returns? Ponzi income? Lottery? Or just plan Gambling? Oh, and one more thought! Along with your safe, legal, guaranteed 500% return for life income, was there also any guarantee you won't get drug into a class-action lawsuit from those who do eventually loose and then have to pay it all back?

Count me out, thank-you.

Rick Watson
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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