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Drag out those thousands
by George Miller


April 25, 2005

Sunday a young girl named Hannah stepped to the microphone in church and told of quest to help an older high school girl get her much needed kidney transplant. She and her friend are selling lemonade on Alaska Ave., holding up a sign after school and homework. They have already raised $67.00 and have vision to get the whole $100,000. needed for the older girl.

Hannah has not been told by myself or her parents that it is not possible to meet the goal. So, I suggest that those who read this, drag out those thousands you have been hoarding and get up to Alaska Avenue, find Hannah's lemonade stand and give her a thousand dollars per glass!

We are able to do much more than we think if we have faith and believe like Hannah and her friend. I think they will pull it off.

George Miller
Good News Fellowship
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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