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US labor force: Destined to rights and
benefits of a third world economy?

by R.K. Rice


April 23, 2005

Today's attack on the benefits of the working people of the United States is the beginning of changes to gut the Family Leave Act. This benefit was invaluable to me and my family when we had a medical crisis, as I know it has been to countless other Americans over the years. Everyday there is something new out of Washington D.C. that degrades the pay, benefits, retirement or working conditions of the average American.

Now, we have a move afoot to stop the system of Democracy from impeding the appointments of Judges who agree with the assault on the American peoples' rights. Congress is going to try and stop the filibuster from being used as a legitimate tool to give the minority party a way to temper the majority party from imposing its will on the people of America.

Almost all of these changes are aimed at ultimately shifting as much wealth and power to the wealthy privileged elite. Wake UP! If America keeps blindly voting Republican, instead of for the candidate based on their ideas, we will soon have a labor force with the rights and benefits of a third world economy.


R.K. Rice
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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