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Piles of trash
by Robert McRoberts


April 19, 2005

The clean up report. Good job every one who could help. I heard Mr. Thompson loaded 7,000 lbs in his truck. I picked up about 14,000 lbs of trash (4 -15 yard loads) that should have never been lost. I took a drive back up to see what we hadn't gotten before running out of time Saturday. We still have 3500 lbs of trash to pick up. I might be able to go get it if someone was willing to help get it in my truck.

I think it is time some of the tour companies kick in. They get paid to take people up there and I did not see the jeepers there did I. They seem to think they own the place in the summer but I have not seen them kick in on the work that we did to keep the 400 road open so we could get up the mountain.

I see there are just too many people who well tell ya how bad it is but will not get off their butt to help fix it. I feel good about doing good things.

I write things to bring attention to things that bother me about our community, or state. Most people I talk with they tell me they like it. But why do you not tell the world? Are you afraid that someone might disagree with you. The old saying like it or leave it, is for pansies. We can change it too. Over the last year I have been as a rebel rouser only I have a feeling that I have opened up some minds. O' yea, I have made a few people mad but that's life. Sorry.

Well that's my opinion, and it's out. Just want to thank every one that helped out.

Robert McRoberts 
Ketchikan, AK -USA



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