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Minutemen are my heroes
by Pam Witzemann


April 15, 2005

The Minutemen are my heroes. I am so proud and so thankful for them. I am glad that the American Spirit is not dead and I hope the spirit of the Minutemen spreads through this Nation. We are the people and our government is to protect us and enforce our laws. We all have to take that responsibility into our hands. If we sit on our hands, we will lose everything.

People fear a terror attack, but I am coming to realize that this invasion is the terror attack. It is bringing crime and disease and is a terrible drain on our economic system. The silent bomb is going off and the situation must be brought under control.

For the U.S. to remain a Sovereign Nation, our borders must remain sovereign.

I live in an area, a rural area, that is suffering greatly under the crime brought by the Mexican Mafia. I live near a reservation that only the FBI has jurisdiction over and the reservation police have limited authority and money. The reservation has become a haven for Meth production and also a haven for dealers thwarting the law. They are ruining us. This is coming to your hometown.

I would be with the Minutemen but my health doesn't permit. I am trying to write, at least, one letter per day to someone in government. Please, join me in speaking up and demanding that our government enforce our laws now! Write to your reps but don't stop there. Write to every official and agency involved that you can think of. My target today is Condi.

Pam Witzemann
Aztec, NM - USA



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