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Aerial spraying on Long Island
by Karen Eakes


April 12, 2005

I am writing in regards to the DEC decision document which will permit aerial spraying on Long Island. I have written the Governor and our local representatives and senator concerning this issue also. The only response of any substance that I have received thus far was from Representative Peggy Wilson. She sent me a copy of the decision document in hopes that it might ease my mind about the health and environmental issues that I had raised in my letter.

I waded through the first ten pages of this twenty-five page document and if anything, became even more concerned. It is filled with qualifying statements such as the following:

" the proposed application should not cause unreasonable adverse effects to surface water ."

" it is highly unlikely the herbicide will reach the ground water system."

" available toxicity studies are relatively complete, regarding both imazapyr and glyphosate."

" no unreasonable adverse effects on wildlife are expected from herbicide application on Long Island."

"No significant toxicity occurred in acute, subchronic, or chronic studies. There is no convincing evidence for direct DNA damage in vitro or in vivo."

"It is understood that some doses of glyphosate and imazapry will cause adverse effects on internal organs and physiological systems in humans, animals, and aquatic species."

"the likelihood that herbicides will enter the groundwater system on Long Island and cause adverse impacts to wildlife is essentially negligible as long as the procedures proposed for aerial spray application are followed."

"While several studies indicate there could be an impact to wildlife/birds of herbicide application due to reduced habitat (e.g. lodging and food), there are no significant effects of glyphosate, itself."

" Imazapry is practically nontoxic to mammals "

In this day and age of human health and environmental concerns and questions, I believe that it is irresponsible for a governmental agency to condone and permit this kind of activity and I believe it is irresponsible for a corporation to seek it. I would urge others to express their concerns.


Karen Eakes
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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